Gubeishui town (simatai Great Wall) international tourism resort


Entry: 150rmb/pp

SiMaTai Great Wall: 40rmb/pp (please book the ticket one day ahead)

WaterTown Guide: 200rmb/once; Great Wall Guide: 100rmb/once

Great Wall Cable Car: 120rmb/pp with round trip; 80rmb/pp with one way

Sightseeing Bus: 10rmb/pp

Sightseeing Boat:

  • whole journey: 120rmb/pp, 600rmb/Chartered, from YanGui Port (wild goose) to YuanYang Port (mandarin duck)
  • A Line: 80rmb/pp, from  YanGui Port (wild goose) to The sun island Port
  • B Line: 80rmb/pp, from YuanYang Port (mandarin duck) to The sun island Port

 gubei water town, simatai great wall