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* Our driver will wait for you at the appointed place on the appointed time holding up a paper printed your name;
* Please pay in CNY cash to the driver at the end of the trip;
* the price will include toll, gas, park, bottle water, wifi in car (no videos watching or games playing), exclude Gratuities;
* the itinerary we all agreed with is limited the duration, the spots, and the pax, exceeding the time limit, visiting more  spots, and/or adding members, are required to pay extra fee. please consult the driver for the price.
* No matter when, please wear the seatbelt.
* According to the Law, 5 seats car can only take 4 guests, 7 seats car can only take 6 guests, If more than cap, the driver shall have the right to refuse;
* If you think that driver has dangerous driving behavior, you shall have the right to refuse to ride, and please contact us to change the driver;

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